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We welcome visitors to our school every day, however if you are looking for a more formal open day, we are pleased to offer the following opportunities:

Our next event is:

Open Day
Saturday 10th March 2018
10:00am – 1:00pm

About our open days
Visits to the school will include tours of the building and grounds with the Senior Staff of the school, with opportunities to ask any questions that you wish. We welcome all visitors, as we are aware that Wotton House attracts much local interest, please could potential parents make themselves known when they arrive so we can ensure you are given a tour by a member of the team who can answer your educational questions. We do, of course, welcome potential students to join their parents at any open day or visit.

Amazing Scene Machine
with Jim Parkyn

Gloucestershire International School is both excited and privileged to welcome senior animator and model maker Jim Parkyn to the next open day at Wotton House, Horton Road, Gloucester, on Saturday March 10th.

Jim Parkyn has been working in animation for almost 20 years and works with Aardman Animations, the BBC and many other clients as well as having his own small studio. When not making puppets, Jim travels the country teaching animation, model making and generally spreading the joy of playing with clay.

Whether you are an experienced sculptor or a first time model maker Jim takes you through step by step processes to make amazing feats of clay. The "Amazing Scene Machine" is a passion project that brings both loves together in the form of a public art piece combining model making and animation.

Join Jim Parkyn in his model making workshop at Gloucestershire International School on March 10, as he invites families to create a scene which will come to life before your very eyes! Suitable for plasticine Picasso's of any age, Jim's Amazing Scene Machine will combines puppet theatre, animation, painting and playing with clay! Make a mini effigy of yourself or let your imagination go wild and make whatever takes you fancy. Your masterpiece will be fed in to the machine and will become a part of the evolving scene!

The Amazing Scene Machine combines time-lapse, animation, painting and playing with clay to make for a unique experience. Every show starts with a blank canvas and ends in a jam-packed cacophony of clay. We set the scene and then add you to make the big picture: a 2-D/3-D relief picture that comes to life with the help of the public.

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Open Day, Every Day.

If you think your child might benefit from our unique approach to education, we are, of course, more than happy to arrange for you to have a tour of the school either by yourselves, or with other families together as a group at any time. Please feel free to email or call us to arrange a convenient time either during the day or in the evening if required.

To arrange a personal visit outside the Open Days, please contact us to arrange a suitable time using the contact form or the details below.

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