GIS: Student life



The nature of education at GIS means the timetable will be flexible. However, the day start times and end times will be consistent. Pupils can remain at school until 5pm, in order to complete their independent study.

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Example timetable

08.30: Morning Arrivals
08.45: Assembly – Registration 
09.20: Period 1
10.10: Period 2

Break and snack

11.20: Period 3 
12.10: Period 4
13.00: Lunch – eaten together 


13.50: Period 5 
14.40: Period 6
15.30 - 16.15: Clubs (Eco Club, Astronomy, Art, Prep, Debating, Cardiobox and others to choose from) 
16.15: Pupils free to go home; those staying do supervised prep
17.00: Pupil latest leaving time