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The nature of education at GIS means the timetable will be flexible. However, the day start times and end times will be consistent. Day pupils can remain at school until independent study in the evening is complete with a further half hour of after-school service till 5.30 p.m available to allow easy pick-up. Arrangements can be made for pupils to leave early if required.

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Example timetable

07.30: Breakfast – Boarders and Day Boarders
08.30: Morning Arrivals
08.40: Morning Studies: Independent learning, Music, Languages or Sports
09.40: Assembly – Registration 
09.55: Period 1
10.40: Period 2

Break and snack

11.45: Period 3 
12.30: Period 4
13.15: Lunch – eaten together 
14.15: Period 5 
15.00: Period 6

Break and snack – Day Pupils may leave with permission 

16.05: Evening Studies - Independent learning, Music, Languages or Sports  (All Pupils) 
17.00: After-School Service
17.30: Free – Day Pupil latest leaving time 
18.30: Dinner – Day Boarders and Boarders 
19.00: Activities – Day Boarders and Boarders 
20.30: Free – Day Boarders leave 
21.00: Evening Registration